Air Force Marathon Training – Week 1

Week 1 of training for the Air Force Marathon is in the books!

This first week is really low mileage (15), but it still felt good to hit every run as planned. Next week miles are also low (17), but will steadily increase until I hit 40 miles in week 13.

Here’s my workouts for the week:


Planned: 3 Miles

Actual: 3 Miles at 11:22 avg  (34:06). Nothing special about this one – just 3 easy miles after work. I prefer to run in the mornings, but Mondays are tough enough without adding in an extra early wake up call!


Planned: Strength

Actual:  Strength! (I’m really good for adding strength to my schedule and then not doing it, hence the excitement!) I’ve been using my Total Gym a little more than I originally planned since I have a limited number of dumbbells, and they are all in the 5-12 lb range. The T.G. uses incline and your own body weight for the different exercises, so it’s possible for a weakling like me to get a decent workout. There are some moves that either (a) I am too weak to do, even if I lower the incline or (b) feel really strange, like I might rip or tear some critical tendon or muscle, so I skip those moves and use my wimpy dumbbells for things like side lateral raises.  It’s great for an upper body workout, but for core and legs I do the sets on my own (squats, walking lunges, planks, v-ups, etc).


Planned: 4 Miles (hills)

Actual: 4 hilly miles!  I’m learning to love and embrace the hills; it’s about time considering this is Pittsburgh we’re talking about (if you’re unfamiliar, we name just about everything after hills and mountains – North Hills, South Hills, Mount Washington….you get )! Since this is Pittsburgh all of my runs have some hills and inclines in them, so, when my plan calls specifically for hills, I just make sure to find the best of the best 😉


I also threw in a walk with The Tall One and my mother in law when I got home from work. I forgot my Garmin, but we probably walked about 4 ish miles.



Planned: Strength

Actual: Strength! Another Total Gym session with my own leg and core work thrown in.


Planned: 3 Miles

Actual: 3 Miles with a beautiful sunrise thrown in (10:45 pace/32:15)











I also added in a quick walk after dinner – I needed to move after that!  The Tall One took me to one of my favorite local places, and I may have over done it on the ‘pasketti, and white bread in preparation for my “long run” the next day.

Saturday (Long Run Day!!):

Planned: 5 Miles

Actual: 5 Miles – 55:49 (11:10 pace).  I made sure to throw in some more hills (go big or go home, right?!) and to focus on my form and breathing. I need a lot of practice there ;-).   I went for another walk later in the afternoon – the weather is just so nice right now, I can’t stand to be inside!! I had to get back out and soak up the Vitamin D!


Planned: Rest

Actual: REST!  As much I love running, rest days are awesome! Not going to lie, it’s supposed to be another beautiful day so I may sneak out for another stroll with The Tall One, with some cleaning and meal planning/grocery list making going on!

What are you training for? How’s it going – any hiccups, or are things spot on so far?



6 thoughts on “Air Force Marathon Training – Week 1

  1. Nice work! Feels like low mileage at week 1, but in a blink of an eye, you’ll be deep in the volume. Total Gym workout sounds fun. I only vaguely remember the infomercials from the past, but any time I’ve tried one out in a store, it seems like a great way to vary the incline to achieve the resistance you want.

  2. Hi Amanda! I discovered your blog through your comment on Kim’s blog and am so glad to find you! I am also a crazy cat lady (though I usually talk more about my greyhound on my blog), also live in Pittsburgh, am also a positive person, and am also a slow runner. Yay–slow runners unite! 🙂 I look forward to following your training, and if you ever want a running buddy just let me know since I run at your pace.

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