Air Force Marathon Training – Week 4

Wow! 4 weeks in already? Those went by so quickly – I feel like I just started!

If you’ll recall, last week was pretty rough for me. I was hopeful that I could turn things around this week, and looking at things from an attitude standpoint – I did. I took Sunday off, and used that time to clear my head. It was seriously needed.

I was back on track this week – until this happened.  I stuck to my plan and took Friday off – used the extra time to stretch, ice, and use my new Tommy Copper Compression Socks. It worked, because I was able to get my long run in on Saturday and the pain didn’t get any worse, and has actually subsided. I’ll still be getting my Graston treatment Monday, and seeing the foot specialist the following Monday.

Here’s how it all went down:


Planned: 4 Miles

Actual: 3 Miles 35:06 (11:41 pace). I usually run 3 on Mondays so I just assumed that this was another 3 mile day. Woops. Anyway, it was hot!!!


I made sure to hit some good hills, and boy did that heat suck the life out of me.  I was relieved to not feel any pain during my run (which these days in unusual), but after I could feel the pain setting in. I iced as soon as I got in the door and hoped for the best.


Planned: Strength

Actual: Strength! Wahoo!  My legs were really tight, so I did my weights but took it easy on my legs so I wouldn’t aggravate them even more. Then it was more ice and compression after dinner.


Planned: 4 Miles

Actual: 4 AM Miles 46:05 (11:31 pace).  I was hoping to make this a speed day, but I was trying to take it as easy as possible on my legs. They were very angry with me, but once I started running they didn’t hurt at all. I picked it up for the last mile and had no problems.  It was sticky, and humid and even though it slows me down I loved it! I was even super responsible and iced as soon as I came home.


Planned: Strength

Actual: Strength! 2 in a row – I’m on a roll!! My legs were killing me.  I kept stretching, and icing, and hoping that it would magically disappear by morning. I knew that it wouldn’t so I decided not to run on Friday in the hopes that I could still get my long run in. If I have to miss a run, I’d rather it not be my long runs. And, not running meant that I could sleep in. 🙂


Planned: 4 Miles

Actual: Rest. Ice. Compression. Repeat.

Every time I ice my legs, Shooter is right there "helping".

Every time I ice my legs, Shooter is right there “helping”.


Planned: 7 Mile long run

Actual: 7 miles 1:22 (11:49 pace). Overall, I was pretty happy with this run.  I think I’m still trying to get used to the heat/humidity (that, or I am just a major wimp). Just like last week, I felt like I had a really hard time getting myself to move. I think it’s finally time to start taking fuel/hydration with me. Normally, I don’t take anything with me if it’s under 10 or 11 miles but now that conditions are changing it’s time to be smart. My next long run is 10 miles, so I will definitely be packing some liquid and gels.

Even though I was happy with the day’s effort, I have to say I was a little bummed when I finished.  I usually don’t pass too many runners on my route – I don’t know if it’s because I start early, or it’s a tad dangerous (narrow road, fast cars, etc. ) but I can typically count on being out there alone. Not Saturday. I saw not one, but two other ladies out running. Awesome. Until they both blew past me like I wasn’t even moving (let’s be honest, I barely was), and I lost sight of them before it even registered that they passed me. Not going to lie, it was a little discouraging.  I felt like I was busting my ass and they both smoked me (on uphills, no less) like it was nothing and just kept cruising. Instead of being upset about that though, I know I need to use that as fuel; use that as motivation. One day, I WILL be able to cruise up those hills.

Overall, I’m happy with this week. I didn’t let outside factors have a negative effect (affect? I typed both and couldn’t decide which to use.) on my workouts and actually made a smart decision to skip a run by keeping in mind the bigger picture. Baby steps, you guys!


4 thoughts on “Air Force Marathon Training – Week 4

  1. Awesome! Glad the rest/ice/compression worked. I am amazed that you don’t usually carry hydration or fuel! I think I might actually die if I did that on a long run. I even carry Nuun on my short runs. I guess that’s just what works for me. I saw that on Saturday’s group run a lot of runners weren’t carrying water, so maybe it’s just me.

    • I used to run with some form of fluid/fuel on any run over 6 miles! This past spring, when training for the Pittsburgh Half, I decided to start doing my long runs without anything, except my 12 mile run – I had a water bottle that I stashed on my route and used twice. Then during the half, I took 2 gels – 1 at mile 5-ish and one around 9.5 . More than anything this is mental training for me. If I can get through the training runs without gels, then on race day I should be golden. This may not be the best/smartest mentality, but so far it’s worked for me!

  2. Nice solid week, and you got the right “effect”

    I generally only carry water for workouts that are an hour or longer. Can’t say if that’s healthy or not (probably not), but that’s how I roll. Prior to marathon training, I never carried water ever, having been taught by my high school hockey coach that drinking is for sissies. I learned better when I got up to about 14 miles and was massively dehydrated. So now I go with the 1 hour guideline and it has worked so far. In this heat, I’m going to reduce the limit to 45 minutes just to be safe.

    • Oh, good! I look at that for probably 5 minutes trying to figure that out! (I probably should not admit that….)

      I’ve started leaving a water bottle on my route, even for the 3 or 4 mile runs…I may feel like a wimp, but I totally agree – better safe than sorry! 🙂

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