Air Force Marathon Training – Week 6

Oy! Where does the time go?? I have so many posts to write/share, but I haven’t even gotten close to finishing them so I might as well get my weekly recap up so there’s something on here!!

This was another good week of training – I worked hard, mixed things up with some speed early in the week and braved the heat for 13.37 miles on Saturday!! Full details below


Planned: Rest

Actual: Rest. I had to shift my long run the week before to Sunday so I made Monday a rest day rather than the usual short/slow day. I also had my doctor’s appointment (need to do a post about this, but in general it’s all good news!! 🙂   ), so I went for a short walk when I got home and that was it! After, I ventured out to get some new running/vacation clothes and got some great stuff! Yay for Target!!


Planned: 4 Miles

Actual: 4 Progression Miles 42:54 (10:43 pace). I didn’t specifically plan for this to be a speed workout, but I was feeling good and decided to go for it! I also hit the weights when I got home from work, for a quick workout!

Lookie there! It's amazing what you're capable of when you just go for it!

Lookie there! It’s amazing what you’re capable of when you just go for it!


Planned: Strength

Actual: Strength! I’m getting better at making the time for this – it helps that I’ve revised what I’m doing and am sticking with a plan that’s a little more manageable!


 Planned: 5 Miles + Strength:

Actual: 5 PM (!!!!!!!) Miles 58:17 (11:39 pace).  5 pain free PM miles!! WAHOO!  After my Drs appt. on Monday, I put some changes into place right away and decided to see if they had any influence on Thursday.  Since it was only a few days later, I didn’t put too much hope in being able to do all 5 miles, but I had to give it a shot. There was some mild discomfort when I started but that quickly went away. I didn’t worry about speed at all – besides being hot and sunny (about 86 degrees), I was just happy to be out there and running pain free. Pace was the last thing on my mind (but it was still in line with my normal times). Yay!   I also did my strength workout that morning – I’m on fi-YAH!!


Planned: 3 Miles

Actual: 3 Miles 32:34 (10:51 pace) Good, solid early morning run! I was rewarded with this gorgeous sunrise at the end!


Waking up early has its benefits!

Waking up early has its benefits!


Planned: 13 Miles

Actual: 13.37 Miles 2:31:25 (11:20 pace) at North Park. In a word? HOT. In more words? I’m kind of dumb…more on that as the stories continues.

This was kind of a weird run…I felt like I was going a lot slower than I was, so when I saw my average at the end, I was pleasantly surprised that I managed to hold a normal (to me) pace. However, I also started out waaaaaaaay too fast. I tried to slow myself down, but couldn’t seem to do it. No worries though – the heat helped with that later on.  I also need to learn how to judge the temperatures – last week it was so cool out, I ended up dropping my water off at the car because it was making my hand cold.  So this week, I decided to leave the water/gel in the car and just stop when I passed by and use the water fountains along the loop. When I made my first of two passes around my car, I decided I was still OK and didn’t need anything yet. I didn’t really want to break the rhythm I was in, so I kept going. I started to slow a little, and knew a water fountain was coming up and hoped that would give me a little pep in my step.

A tad fast for a long run

A tad fast for a long run

I got to the fountain….and there was a little runners reunion, or something, going on and even though I said ‘excuse me’, no one would move so I kept going.  A mile or so later, I was reeeeeally regretting not stopping at my car but luckily I got to the next fountain, and there was no line! Wahoo!  The sun was out in full force at this point, even though it was only 9 AM, and it was warm; the combination of these factors was making me cranky.  There was also a very large 5K event going on at the boathouse, and trying to weave through all of the tents, and jazzercisers and cars was starting to grate on my nerves ( I’m just a bit of a drama queen). So I finally made it to my car for the second time, and was never so happy to drink warm water in my life. And then…even though it was pushing 80 at this point, even though I was thinking about how thirsty I was….I left my water in the car. I didn’t want to carry that and my phone (I still haven’t purchased a case for my new phone yet….derp), so I figured that I’d still rely on the water fountains.

Slowing down...

Slowing down…

I trucked along, and got to the first water fountain….the reunion was over at this point, and I nearly skipped over to the fountain. Only to discover the water pressure was so low the water barely trickled out. I don’t care how hot it is/thirsty I am, no way am I putting my mouth that close to a public water fountain. This really increased the cranky factor, but still no worries, I can make it to the next one. I trudged on. Then,I crested another hill….and apparently the 5K had finally started, because all I could see was a sea of neon.  No. Just no. I just didn’t have it in me to try to weave through that (going against the flow of people), so I said eff it. Actually, I dropped the f-bomb (and a bunch of other words) for this one. Out loud. And people heard me. I apologized for cursing like a sailor and they laughed and said they didn’t blame me. I looked at my watch, and realized that if I turned around here, I would definitely make 13 miles by the time I got to my car and wouldn’t have to go anywhere near the festival. Amen to that. I got about.10 of a mile in, and realized that although I didn’t have to weave through people, this updated route meant no more water fountains.  Lots more f-bombs were dropped, but I kept them (mostly) silent or at least under my breath. I thought about walking, but that just meant it would be longer until I got my water. These last 2 miles were pretty much a death march, but the promise of toasty warm water kept me going. Then. THEN. I remembered there is a 7-11 just across the intersection from where I park. I started dreaming of a slurpee ( I missed the free slurpees the day before, and they’d been on my mind). The hope of a lemonade slurpee was what got me back to my car. <—- Yeah, just a little dramatic.

OMG end it now. Give me an effing slurpee.

OMG end it now. Give me an effing slurpee.

By the time I finally got back to my car, it was well over 13 miles.  I did take notice at the 13.1 mark that it was still faster (2:28) than my slowest half marathon time (2:31) so maybe the day wasn’t as bad as it felt. I got in my car and headed right for 7-11, sailed through a yellow light (oops) and made a bee-line for the slurpee machine.

Pure sugar never tasted so good.




When I got home, that sweet husband of mine also had a Gatorade chilling in the fridge, along with a glass of ice water. He’s alright, that guy 🙂


Planned: Rest

Actual: REST. Much needed rest.

All in all, this was a really good week for me. I feel like there is light at the end of the tunnel for my tendonitis, and even though it doesn’t always feel like it, I’m managing to keep a decent pace in this heat/humidity. That is definitely a good thing!!


4 thoughts on “Air Force Marathon Training – Week 6

  1. Sounds like training is going great! I was on the North Shore trail this past weekend, so no North Park. Maybe next weekend. Slurpee after a run sounds Devine 🙂

    • Thank you!I’m really finding blogging about the process so helpful – often times I feel like I’m not doing enough or that things aren’t going well. Then, I look back or have another person’s input and realize that things aren’t nearly as bad as I thought! 🙂
      I haven’t run on the River Trail in ages….I really need to get back down there!

  2. My mouth is getting dry just reading about the lack of water on a 13+ mile run on a hot morning, plus at a pretty good pace for a long run. You rocked that run, though. And nice that you could immediately treat yourself with a slurpee after that! I really like running at North Park, but I never feel like driving there when I can walk to the river trail. I think I need to go to North Park more often though. Maybe I will see you there. 🙂

    Congrats on another great week, and that’s great news about being pain free.

    • Thank you! I hate driving somewhere to run, too but North Park takes all of the work out of planning a run. If I need 15 miles, I run 3 loops and I’m done. I try to use MapMyRun but I end up forgetting what I mapped out!
      Maybe we will see each other! That would be awesome!

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