Injury Update

This is a tad overdue, but…better late than never!

So, last Monday I went to see a Foot and Ankle Specialist to try to get some answers about my legs.  I wasn’t sure what to expect and was worried that I may be put on a running hiatus – a week or two would have been bearable, but any more than that and I was going to have doubts about running a marathon. I’m just getting into the bulk of training, and now is not the time to start missing long runs.  I have a tendency to overreact, in case you haven’t noticed yet.

My doctor – Dr. Jessie – was awesome. He was very thorough, asked a bunch of question, watched how I walk, and looked at my running shoes to determine my stride (which he was said was ‘a good, normal stride’).  My initial diagnosis is a mild case of Achilles Tendonitis – not bad enough to stop running, but I was given an RX for Physical Therapy 3 times a week and a super sexy, sleek Night Splint to wear on alternating feet while I sleep each night.

Don't be jelous

Don’t be jealous! And don’t hate on my pasty, pale legs 🙂

Dr J. also added these little insert/lift things (no idea what they’re called) into my current shoes that seem to help.

Not sure what they are, but they're helping! I think.

Not sure what they are, but they’re helping! I think.

I’ve been wearing my splint religiously, even though it can be uncomfortable as hell, and The Tall One makes fun of me.  I find that it’s pretty hard to sleep with it on – I can fall asleep, but usually wake up a few hours later and need to take it off. I look it as 3 hours is better than 0 hours. I was able to sleep with it on all night Friday (I was exhausted and nothing was waking me up!), but had to take it off last night so I’m thinking that I’ll eventually get used to it. Since I know that I have a hard time keeping it on, I’ve been wearing it in the evening as well while I watch TV, eat dinner, etc. and so far it has really been helping! I used it for 4 days, and then was able to run almost completely pain free last Thursday. WOWZA!! I haven’t been able to schedule the PT yet, so I am really excited to see how much that will help.  I’m going to start gradually increasing my evening runs from 1/week to maybe 2/week for the rest of the month and then go from there.

We didn’t get too much into how I came down with this, but I know that this was a classic overuse/doing too much, too soon injury.  When I was coming off an extended illness back in late January/early February, I tried to jump right back into normal training instead of gradually easing my way into it. This was my own fault, and definitely not a mistake that I’ll be making again anytime soon!


4 thoughts on “Injury Update

  1. Love the sexy splint, ha ha, but hey, it’s helping so that’s all that counts. It reminds me of the strassburg sock for plantar. When I had that I did my own makeshift version where I just put a stiff pillow to put up against my foot so that it stayed in the position like I’m standing instead of having it relax, and even that helped. It’s awesome that these things helped so quickly, and you didn’t even start PT yet!

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