Running on Vacation

We leave for vacation on Monday, and I never used to be the type of person who ran on a trip. I mean, it is vacation after all! Somewhere along the line, probably when I started signing up for longer distance races, I discovered that it’s not only necessary in some situations but isn’t the torture I imagined it to be.

Now waking up early and getting the miles in while the sun is rising is really just part of my routine, so when I’m traveling I don’t even think twice about it. The Long Run, on the other hand always stresses me out a bit. When will I do it? I don’t mind 5 or 6 miles, but 16 miles in an unfamiliar location is really pushing it for me. I also don’t want to do it when I come back; I’m tired, I’m sure my legs will be tired and I will be really busy trying to bribe the cats into speaking to me again after “abandoning” them for a whole week 😉 .  My only real option left is to run before we leave, which means near back-to back long runs.  I did this last year before I went on vacation and it worked really well so I’m hoping I will have similar luck this year. Saturday I’ll be running 13, and then on Monday before we pack up LoLa and hit the road for a 10+ hour drive to Wisconsin, I’ll bust out 16. This isn’t the most ideal situation, but it’s worked before and hopefully with proper recovery (ice, ice baby) I’ll be able to pull it off again.

Since you asked, here’s where you can find me next week:


EAA AirVenture!

EAA AirVenture!

Most people don’t consider this an exciting vacation, but The Tall One has been going for years before we met, and we’ve continued this tradition by turning it into a bi-yearly trip. We really love airplanes/aviation and you really do get to see some awesome stuff while you’re there. Everything from planes that people have built themselves, to WWII era planes, fighter jets, and stunt planes are in one place and the shows/displays that are put on are amazing. If you aren’t into planes, this probably isn’t your thing (the first year I went, I was a total skeptic), but it’s really become something I look forward to. It’s not a relaxing, lay on the beach kind of vacation – you are out, walking around all day long. Last time we went, I averaged about 6 miles of walking per day. This year, we are staying with a good friend who works for the EAA and we’ll also be doing some volunteering while we’re there. Bonus? We get to go for a ride on a WWII B-17 bomber. So excited!  I’ll hopefully have some awesome pictures to share with you when I come back!

How do you balance running and vacations? How do you feel about working in a long run on vacay?


4 thoughts on “Running on Vacation

  1. Very cool! Has The Tall One every considered getting a pilot license? One of my hub’s friends has a license and took us up one day in the little Cesna he can use as part of the flight/pilot club he belongs to. It was the coolest thing ever!

    I will be very interested to see how you fit in running. We usually take very active vacations with lots of hiking so I don’t usually run, but this year my vacation is smack in the middle of my half-marathon training…plus, we’ll be in Colorado with a high elevation. I’m worried about not being able to follow the training plan exactly. Have you ever modified your plan while on vacation? Is that okay to do?

    • The Tall One and I have been talking about getting our pilots licenses for three or four years now. We hope to actually do that one day!

      I actually tried to write a whole post on how I run when I’m on vacation but it was a bunch of word vomit so I deleted it! I always modify my plan when I’m on vacation. To me, the long run is the most important so I make sure to get that in before I leave so I don’t have to worry about it. And then whatever happens, happens. In the grand scheme of things, one week out of 16 (or probably 10-12 weeks for a half training plan) won’t make or break my training. I still write down what I hope to do, but if I can only get 3 miles instead of 5 I don’t worry about it. 3 is better than 0!! This vacation will include a lot of walking, so if I only get 2 out of 3 runs in, or if all 3 are cut short I won’t worry about it.
      I’ve never dealt with that kind of elevation change – but I would stick with the same mentality. If you can, great! If not, just make sure you’re back at it when you get home! I would definitely do your long run before you leave, if possible. Hope that helps! 🙂

  2. I was just writing my post about how I ran on vacation. It really depends on the vacation (ski vacation = no running) but pretty much anywhere else, I will run. I have never really done any super long runs (nothing over 9 miles) on vacation. It’s really a time thing. Have a great vacation!

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