Running is a gift

Since I still have a month before official training for the Nittany Valley Half Marathon starts, I’m taking September nice and easy! I’m running 2-3 days during the week and both Saturday and Sunday, and so far I feel great!

I’m keeping my weekday miles low, using Sunday as my “long” run day (right now I’m sticking to 6-9 miles), and making a real effort to dedicate one day per week to speed.  I’m not sure if it’s because the weather is changing (I can feel fall in the air!), or what, but running has just felt so good lately! I’m hitting paces I haven’t seen since I don’t know when, and certain routes that used to kill me I’m running with relative ease.  Running is fun again!  

My biggest concern right now is keeping my tendonitis from flaring up, and I’m doing that. It’s been great to go out and if I have to cut a run short due to tightness (has only happened once, so far. *knock on wood*) I do it and don’t worry that I’m “slacking” and missing out on miles. I’ve been able to enjoy every single run and appreciate the fact that I’m out there, doing what I love and grateful for every second of it.

Sometimes, I think it’s too easy to get caught up in the training and the goals and look at a run as necessary and ‘I HAVE to get these miles in!!!’ and dread it, when in reality – it’s a gift. Make sure you enjoy it!!!



2 thoughts on “Running is a gift

  1. Love this post! And definitely agree. Some nights I go to bed so excited that I get to run the next morning. 🙂 Glad you are feeling strong. Great way to go into your HM training. Also, if your 9-miler happens to fall in 2 weeks (sept. 28), I have a 9-miler scheduled for that Sunday, so let me know if you want a running buddy!

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