Planning for the Nittany Valley Half Marathon

Official training for the Nittany Valley Half Marathon NVHM from now own…I’m too lazy to keep typing that out. And I always struggle with spelling’Nittany’, I always think it should be ‘Nittaney’… started Monday and I kicked it off the best way I know how – with a rest day!

Since I usually run Saturdays and Sundays I always like to take Monday as a day to relax and truly rest. It recharges me for the upcoming week of workouts and I love it!

For this 10 week training cycle I decided to wing it and try setting up my own training plan.  I usually take a beginner and intermediate plan and mesh them together – the beginner plans are sometimes too easy and the intermediate plans can be a little too high mileage for this cream puff.  This time, I put on my big girl pants and came up with everything all on my own. What’s been working for me over the last 6-ish weeks of base training is a format of 2 runs during the week, and two runs on the weekend with Mondays as a true rest and the other 2 days  are supposed to be dedicated to strength (key phrase here is supposed to). This has been working out really well except that pesky strength stuff  and I hate to mess with a good thing, so I’m going to see how the first 3 or 4 weeks go and reevaluate if necessary.

Here’s what the week should theoretically look like:

Monday – Rest

Tuesday – Easy Run

Wednesday – Strength

Thursday – Speed (speed work, that is. Not the drug. Drugs are bad, kids. Crack is whack… You get the idea…)

Friday – Strength

Saturday – HILLS (Unfortunately NOT the MTV series. Just good old fashioned inclines. Not the kind that take you to Mount Washington for stunning views of the city, either… I’ll stop now.)

Sunday – Long Run

One thing I’m thinking of doing is adding in a short treadmill run each week, just to help myself get used to them. For some reason, I just can’t seem to run well on them. I feel slow and awkward and all I do is watch the timer. I rarely make it past 3 miles. However, if this coming winter is anything like last year I won’t have any choice but to use one and I should be at least a little prepared. If I can make 5 miles on that thing, I’d be happy.

I haven’t set any firm goals for the race yet…I’m thinking don’t come in dead last is a good place to start!

Do you make your own training plans? What formula or format do you use?


4 thoughts on “Planning for the Nittany Valley Half Marathon

  1. I’m the exact same way on a treadmill. I could run outside all evening, but 3 miles is my limit on the hamster wheel. Knowing that, I usually run short intervals on the treadmill to make the workout go by faster and force myself to work on my speed. Good luck with your training!

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