NVHM – Week 1 was a total wash

This is a total bummer, but week 1 of training was a complete wash.

I had a nice week mapped out, including 11 miles at North Park with Jennifer and some speedwork and I got a whopping 6 miles in.

When Jennifer and I ran together on Sunday, I mentioned that the cold was hurting my tooth and I must have a cavity. Flash forward to Tuesday and that nagging little pain was a full blown throbbing toothache that was preventing me from eating, sleeping, and essentially functioning. I felt like a total pansy, but called the dentist and got an appointment for Thursday – thank goodness!!

The verdict? A very abscessed tooth requiring a strong round of antibiotics and a root canal scheduled for this coming Thursday.  The pain from the infection is unbearable and I had a less than favorable reaction to the pain medicine that was prescribed to me (apparently, you aren’t supposed to take that stuff on a empty stomach..who knew?? To be fair, there was no warning on the label so I didn’t realize that was a no-no) so I’ve been pretty useless all week. I went into work on Friday was sent home not long after because I looked and felt terrible thanks to lack of sleep and a pain medication hangover of sorts.

I am so grateful to have such kind, understanding coworkers :-)!

Luckily, the antibiotic has finally started to kick in and that is helping with the pain! Finally.

So, I ran on Tuesday (before the pain really started) – a whole 3 miles that felt so much more difficult that it should have. I don’t know why, but looking back maybe it has something to do with the infection?

930 run

Not a terrible time, but I really had to fight for this.

Wednesday rolled around and I managed to get my strength training in, but I was very halfhearted about it. I was really hurting at this point, and I was also really excited for the Pirates game so I wanted to get done. Super sad the Buccos lost, but very happy for another great season of baseball!

For the next two nights, this is how my sleep pattern looked like:




Actually was up at 12, but forgot to shut my sleep cycle app off.

Both nights I woke up in so much pain,going back to sleep was out of the question. I caught up on some DVR, paid some bills and watched late night Law & Order.  Between that and not being able to eat much of anything, I have been a real peach to be around.

Despite the pain, sleep deprivation and hunger I have been going stir crazy not being able to do anything. So, this morning I decided that I would try out 2 or 3 miles. Tall One really discouraged this, but I needed some fresh air and to get my legs moving.

105 run

I really wanted to do my scheduled long run with Jennifer, but I know there is no way I could have managed much more than the 3 that I shuffled through this morning.

I’m not sure how much I’ll be able to get in this week either, but I’m going to give it a shot. In the meantime, I’m sticking to soft and liquid foods – I forgot how good applesauce and those Snack Pack puddings are!!! and am making sure to take care of myself first, and worrying about running second!


4 thoughts on “NVHM – Week 1 was a total wash

    • Thank you for that 🙂 I always worry that if I miss a day or two I’m going to lose so much fitness and progress when in reality, I know that pushing too hard can lead to even more time off which is never a good thing! 😉

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