NVHM Week 2 – Back At It

The difference between Week 1 and 2 is pretty much night and day. Last week was miserable, and I was determined to not lose another week of training this week.  Luckily, my antibiotics starting working (so the pain level went way down) AND I got my root canal done so I was feeling right as rain and ready to run.

Tuesday and Wednesday’s runs were pretty good.  On Tuesday I got chased by turkeys, and on Wednesday I ran a killer tempo run that gave me a boatload of confidence and had me strutting around like a peacock.

I took Thursday and Friday off for my root canal. I’ve never had one before and wasn’t sure what to expect so I figured I would take it easy and not push it. <— Look at me being responsible and stuff!

By Saturday I was ready to go so I headed out for some hill work. 4.5 miles @ 11:13 pace.

Good stuff, even though it didn't seem like it at the time.

Good stuff, even though it didn’t seem like it at the time.

Not going to lie, initially I was a little disappointed with this run – for some reason I felt like it should have been faster but looking at it now…it’s really not that bad. I think it may have been that I felt like I was going faster, so when I saw the time I was upset but… all in all I can’t really be unhappy with this. Here’s what the hills looked like:

Looks like a roller coaster!

Looks like a roller coaster!

Sunday Long Run – 7 miles @ 11:25 pace

Initially this run was supposed to be more like 9 miles, but since I didn’t run long last week I decided to tone it down a touch. There’s plenty of time before race day and I don’t need to force the miles this early.

I was also terrified of this run. I mapped out a new route that was supposed to mimic the climb at mile 11 of the NVHM and I knew that it was going to be tough. I’ve never run this particular road before and not only is it steep, but the traffic can be kind of bad and I didn’t want to get run over by some granny on her way to church.

This is the elevation profile of the NVHM course:


Here’s what my route this morning looked like:

elevation andersonNot exactly perfect, but it’s one of those “if I can run up this hill, I can run up ANY hill” scenarios.  AND for fun, here is a map that shows the grades of said hills:

grade map

9%?! WHAT?!

I think looking at this is what had me so nervous. Seeing that 9% grade had me thinking that this was a stupid idea.

Regardless, I ate a good dinner the night before to fuel up:

Horribly lit prosciutto stuffed  tortellini with garlic bread x2

Horribly lit prosciutto stuffed tortellini with garlic bread x2. It was much more delicious than it appears in this awful picture.

I also ate breakfast this morning, which I normally don’t do for any run under 10 miles but I had a feeling I would need it. English Muffin with PB&J was a great choice. I never once felt tired, hungry, or lacking energy. Winning.

I started out slow – I have a tendency to try to run my long runs too fast, and I knew that I couldn’t afford to expend too much energy before hitting the climb.

7 miles

I tried to slow mils 4 & 5 down, but since it was a long gradual downhill, it was tough. Obviously mile 6 is where it got really steep, but was pleased that I was able to recover after the climb and get myself back into the 11s for the last mile.

Overall, I’m really happy with this one. It was difficult, but I just kept telling myself “one foot in front of the other. Keep moving. Don’t stop till you’re at the top, etc”. I also didn’t bother to look at my watch once I started climbing – I knew that I was going to slow down and that there was no point in getting frustrated over it. The goal here was just to get to the top, so I was pretty happy with that 12:15 mile. I honestly pictured it being a lot worse.  I debated doing one more mile to make it 8 for the day, and ultimately decided not to. I was feeling really good, but felt that 7 was plenty.  Looking at it now, running 1 more mile would have given me 20 miles for the week; had I known that I definitely would have run that last mile.  Oh well.

I was starving after this run, and knew this was the only way to refuel:

Qdoba, FTW

Qdoba, FTW

I’m really happy with how this week went. Next week my big goal is to get my two days of strength training is.- I have no idea why it is so hard for me to do this!

Hope you’re having a great weekend!


2 thoughts on “NVHM Week 2 – Back At It

  1. Looks like you found a really great course to mimic the NVHM ending. I have never loaded my Garmin software to my computer (after having it 5+ years!) but really should to look at elevation maps like that. It also looks like overall your paces were really good this week!

    • Thanks Jennifer! I think was too aggressive with that hill – totally aggravated my Achilles 😦 I’ll need to be more careful from now on!
      I love the elevation maps – I use the one from my Garmin and also mapmyrun.com is where I got the grade profile. It’s nice to pre plan a route to see what I’m getting myself into 😉

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