Back in the Boot

I had a whole woe is me post written out and ready to post the other day, but something made me stop.  Maybe I didn’t want to sound like a whining 5 year old in a public forum…

Yes, I am back in the boot.

You know you're jealous of the pasty complexion and freckles

You know you’re jealous of the pasty complexion, freckles, and grubby sock

To say I’m frustrated is an understatement and I definitely had a pity party for myself earlier this week but I’m feeling ok now.  

This was completely my fault, and I know that. After two difficult runs back-to-back, I should have been much more diligent about my icing/stretching and…plain and simple, I wasn’t.  And, let’s be honest…that 9% grade wasn’t the best idea either.



My original post basically had me convinced that I wouldn’t be able to run this half, and that my spring race was already in jeopardy. Just a little dramatic, no?

Fast forward a few days, and I’ve been icing and booting (not sure if it’s a word, but if it wasn’t before it is now) and stretching and resting. I skipped my scheduled run on Tuesday and moved my Thursday evening run to this morning for 2 sloooow miles on the treadmill to test things out.


 Luckily, the pain/tightness is almost completely gone and there was no discomfort running this morning. The big test will be tomorrow night – I’m going to shoot for 3 easy ones after work.  I’m also going to take my long run easy – no huge hills like last week and no looking at my watch.  THEN, when I get home? ICE, ICE BABY.  If  have to, I’ll take all of next week off and even though I hate skipping runs, I have to remember that I would rather miss out on a week’s worth of running now rather than 3 or 4 months down the road. I’m also incredibly frustrated because I was coming off a strong week and was hoping to keep up with that momentum and had to take a step back. Womp Womp.

This was a wake up call that I need to take seriously and make the time to recover properly. I am hoping that I can get ahead of this before it becomes a full blown case of tendonitis.


2 thoughts on “Back in the Boot

  1. I see that you have some supervision while wearing that boot, ha ha!

    Such a bummer, but I’m sure that this will be only a very minor setback since you are already running pain-free. You have the right mindset that taking a bit of time off now will save you from taking months of next year, plus it will make you stronger.

    • Hah! I always have supervision – they are fascinated by that thing!

      You are SO right, and that’s just what I needed to hear! This will be a minor setback and I’ll be back to full training soon enough! THANK YOU!

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