The Next Big Thing

I’m just 4 weeks into training for NVHM, but I am already so excited about the next big thing. Don’t get me wrong, I’m looking forward to challenging myself on the tough, hilly State College course but that is just practice for what I have on my calendar for next spring.



That’s right. It is GAME ON! I didn’t get to run my marathon this year, and reading all of the recent recaps from Chicago, Columbus, and the ones that will be coming out of NYC were giving me serious marathon envy. Also, if you signed up the day registration opened the marathon was on sale for $77. It was a no brainer. I can’t pass up a sale like that!

Even after I finished my first marathon last November, I insisted that I would never want to, or be able, to run the Pittsburgh Marathon. The second half of the course scares the crap out of me – so many hills!! I had serious difficulty running the half marathon last year and it’s nothing compared to the second half of the marathon course! Plus almost all of the training would be done during the cold, arctic months of winter. That means many early mornings on the treadmill, another potential Polar Vortex, snow, ice, the works. Pass. At least when training for the half marathon, you normally don’t start until mid-late February and can bypass the frigid month of January.

I’m not sure when my state of mind regarding this changed. Maybe it was after I had a fantastic race at the Pittsburgh Half Marathon this year (2 minute overall PR, 15+ minute course PR), where the course wasn’t as bad as I remembered. Or, maybe it was this summer when I decided that hills were going to be my new BFFs. It could even have been after I read the book Mind Gym: An Athlete’s Inner Guide to Success when I realized that the only thing telling me that I couldn’t run this course was myself. I’m really not sure…maybe it was all of the above; but what I do know is that I am SO excited to start training for this race!  

One of the big reasons I signed up for the NVHM is because of the hills – I figured that would be a perfect segue (definitely had to look up the spelling on that one!) into marathon training and prep me for the work ahead.

Although it’s a little early to set up my training plan I’m looking at some different options and am so excited to tackle this!

Bring it.


Did you take advantage of the sale and sign  up for the full, half, or 5K?


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