NVHM Training Week 4 – Not Too Shabby!

All in all, this was not a bad week! I got all 4 days of running for 21 miles AND both strength training days in – good stuff!

I hate to say it (because I feel like I jinx it every time) but the legs are feeling good and now that I’m getting my mileage back I can start working on some speed again too!

Monday was a rest day, and even though I only ran 10 miles last week I was ready for this day. I had another dentist appointment and came home and just crashed on the couch – it was wonderful! Real talk – for as much as I love running, I also really really love laying on the couch watching Law & Order marathons and catching up on the DVR.

I was really looking forward to Tuesday’s run. My legs were feeling good, and I was ready to go. It was a chilly, windy fall day and threatening rain when I came home so I broke down and put on capris AND a jacket for this one.

You betcha I picked the two pictures that made me look 10 pounds lighter

You betcha I picked the two pictures that made me look 10 pounds lighter

It was just ok. I really just felt like I was lumbering along baby sasquatch like, and couldn’t seem to get into a rhythm. When I started I didn’t know how many I was going to do but I was hoping for 4 and would be happy with 3. I wanted to quit after 2 but kept trucking along. I called it quits at 3.5 just as I was starting to get into a groove. Not sure why I didn’t go for the other .5 but I didn’t. Oh well!

Wednesday called for strength training and since I had plans to go to the hockey game that night I woke up early to get my sets in. <— I know, right? Look at me being responsible and dedicated!

I was pumped for hockey and best friends time

I was pumped for hockey and best friends time

I also made a fun sign for the game – didn’t get on the big screen/jumbotron, but it was a total hit in our section! It was a late, late night (especially when you’re normally in bed by 8:00 9:30) but so much fun even if we didn’t win.

Sorry 'bout that Philly...

Sorry ’bout that Philly…


Thursday was a BEAUTIFUL day and I was so excited to get home and run. According to my outline, Thursdays are for speed; it can be a tempo, fartlek, repeats whatever. I started out and could tell right away that the goal for the day would be to just get some kind of miles in. There would be no speed, this run was just about surviving. It was strange – I was trying SO hard but I really felt like I was running in place. I was exhausted but my heart rate wasn’t really up and I was barely breaking a sweat. Looking back, I think it’s pretty obvious that my body was tired (even though I didn’t really think I was) and needed a break but at the time it was tough. I stuck it out for 3 miles and bagged it. Sometimes, you have to admit it’s not your day…and Thursday was definitely not.

Friday was another strength day, and hot damn if I didn’t wake up early to get it in again! I’ve decided that, as much I want to stay in my warm bed for as long as possible, it’s just easier to haul my ass out of bed and get it out of the way. If I try to put it off until after work, it’ll never get done. I caught up on How To Get Away With Murder while I worked out and it made the time fly by!

Saturday I was shooting for 4-5 miles of hills, so I decided to use the loop that I normally use for my long run. I must have miscalculated somewhere along the line because I ended up with 5.5 miles. Oops.

yay hills

I thought about making it an even 6 but then I remembered that earlier in the week one of my runs also ended in a .5 and I have this thing about ending my week on an even number. So, 5.5 it was for an 11:10 pace. Yee-haw!

Sunday is (almost) always Long Run day and no matter what day it is I always look forward to it! I was really looking forward to today’s 9 miles because I was meeting Jennifer at North Park! Even though she is fresh of a fantastic half marathon AND a great 5K yesterday she still met me to keep my company. After a hilarious parking lot mix up – we both parked in different lots and neither one of us wanted to be the “punctuality police” to see why the other was late- we got started. The first 4.5 together were so fun, and really just flew by! I couldn’t believe when we were rounding the corner after our first loop around the lake. Jennifer and I parted ways after about 5 or so miles and I took off for the final few solo. I didn’t bring my headphones, and I usually don’t run without tunes but it was really nice to just listen to my feet on the pavement and hear the wind and birdies chirping and enjoy the sunshine! I was feeling really good so I tried to pick up the pace for my last few miles and even managed a 10:36 as my last mile!

9 miles

I finished with 9 miles at an 11:16 pace. Not too shabby!

Admittedly, this may have been a little fast but I was feeling really good and having a running buddy for the first half really kept me accountable and helped me make sure I didn’t go out too fast and burn out halfway through.

Overall, I’m really happy this week! Hopefully I can ride this feeling into Week 5 and come out with another strong week of training!!

Have you seen How To Get Away With Murder? SO GOOD!!! I’m hooked!


2 thoughts on “NVHM Training Week 4 – Not Too Shabby!

  1. Sounds like a great week overall! And awesome strong finish on your long run!

    I’ve never seen How to Get Away with Murder, but we don’t have cable. We just have a digital antenna and get like 5 channels. I joke that I can watch anything, just a year later when it comes out on Netflix, ha ha!

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