NVHM Training Week 5 –

I looked at the calendar this week and realized that it is just over a month until race day. Normally this might send me into a panic thinking that I need to work harder or that I won’t be ready, but honestly I’m feeling really good about my training so far! There are a few things to work out, but that’s what these last few weeks are for and I’m excited to tackle them! This was a really solid 21 mile week, with a huge 5K PR on Saturday!

I am a firm believe that the best way to start a new week of training is with a rest day, so on Monday I did just that! It was also my birthday, so a rest day was definitely necessary. I got flowers to delivered to my office from my Mom:

Seriously, how pretty are they??

Seriously, how pretty are they??

And I stayed super classy with dinner from Qdoba – I had a BOGO birthday coupon so this was an obvious choice.

I will admit, this was a little bittersweet – while it was a wonderful day, I was really missing my stepdad. I missed the birthday text from him and the phone call and how we would have gone to our usual place for dinner and drinks….but enough of that.

Tuesday is usually my easy/recovery day, but since I was registered for the ZooZilla 5K on Saturday (my hill day) I decided to tackle a few rollers over 4 miles. As usual I started out too fast, and was really struggling by the end. I still managed a 10:45 pace, but I was holding on for dear life over the last mile.  The weather was absolutely gorgeous though, and I was soaking up what would most likely be the last 70+ degree day for a looooong time!  4 miles/10:43 pace.


Wednesday was another rest day (can you tell that I love these??). I took a trip out to my mom’s house to take care of the wiener dogs while she worked late. This was also a strength day, which I knocked out first thing in the AM (while I caught up on Revenge – getting sooooo good!). I’m really working to make this strength training a habit and I feel like it’s already paying off.



Thursday, lol. Usually my speed day, but I emailed Jennifer and asked her opinion: since we were running a 5K Saturday I should probably not do speed work and just go for an easy 4 miler, right? Right. Except, I’m an airhead and by the time I got home I completely forgot about this strategy and went for a 4 mile tempo run.  Derp. Seriously, it didn’t even register until I was already done running.  It was a pretty solid run though. I’ve been pretty consistent with these runs lately, and I’m thinking it’s time to take the next step and add another mile to these workouts. For some reason, the thought of a 5 mile run with 3 at tempo pace scares me. I just have to tell myself it’s one more mile, and I can do anything for a mile. Temps were chilly (about 45*), but I was still able to wear shorts (yay!) and rocked out a pretty solid time.  4 miles/10:32 pace

Good Stuff

Good Stuff

Friday was a strength day, and I took it easy-ish. For any of the leg work I just did body weight squats and reverse lunges so that my legs wouldn’t be sore for Saturday. I took Friday evening nice and easy, and just hung out on the couch with the kitties, Tall One and some Chinese take out. Maybe not the best pre race dinner, but it was delicious!  I made sure to hydrate up and go to bed early – I was so tired I fell asleep on the couch by 9!

Saturday RACE DAY! A few things that didn’t make it into my recap:

  • I was seriously in the zone for this race. I don’t know when it happened, but at some point I realized I didn’t even hear my music as I was running. It was weird, but in a good way.
  • Even waiting for the race to start, I wasn’t sure that I could maintain a sub 10:15 pace. Once I was running, though, I never once doubted my ability to maintain pace.
  • I’ve been practicing fast finishes at the end of my runs and that paid off in a big way. Fast being relative, of course, but I always try to pick it up for the last .10-.25 miles of every run. Some days I don’t have much left to give, some days I do, but either way it’s working.
  • My previous PR, set in July, was 31:21; yesterday I ran 28:10. Hills really are speedwork in disguise.
  • I have totally changed my mind regarding 5Ks. They are freaking awesome.

Sunday is long run day, and I always look forward to these! I was also soooo excited for Daylight Saving Time – yay for an extra hour of sleep! Unfortunately, the cats didn’t set their internal clocks back and were up at 5 AM for breakfast. And then went back to sleep 20 minutes later.

The plan called for 10, but after a hard effort on Saturday I wasn’t sure if I would get all of those miles in. I decided yesterday that if my legs were tired or hurting I would call it quits and not risk injury. Luckily, these legs were feeling really fresh and I was able to knock out 10 miles at an 11:10 pace. It was a beautiful morning, but cold and REALLY WINDY! A few times the gusts were so strong that I was knocked a few steps backwards. Around mile 8 I started to get tired – this is also when the wind got wicked strong. I stopped a couple of times to try to take a picture of the wind which sounds hilariously stupid as I type it out. My ponytail was getting whipped across my face, and there were little leaf tornadoes everywhere.

My splits ends were scratching my face. Seriously uncomfortable.  Also, I will be calling the salon for an appointment ASAP

My splits ends were scratching my face. Seriously uncomfortable. Also, I will be calling the salon for an appointment ASAP

The sun did come out right at the end though and made for a beautiful fall picture!



My pace suffered a little bit at the end thanks to me stopping constantly to take pictures. Oh well…totally worth it!

Unfortunately, while my Garmin synced with DailyMile, I can’t get it to upload onto my Garmin Activities page to see my splits. Bummer!

All in all, this was a fantastic week and I think I will be riding this PR high for a few more days. I do need to start paying better attention to my daily nutrition – I think the reason some of my weekday runs have been such a struggle is due to what I’m eating (and not eating)! As I get closer to race day, and my workload increases this will make a huge difference!



6 thoughts on “NVHM Training Week 5 –

  1. Happy belated birthday! Love the wiener dogs!

    Your 5K improvement over just a few months is HUGE. I totally need to take lessons from you & run hills with you! Congrats again on such an awesome PR!

    I had no idea Garmin could be synched to daily mile. I’ll have to look into that!

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