It’s Kind of Dark Out There

This week really got away from me! Everything seemed to happen at once – both cars needed to be inspected, and we thought Shooter may have broken her tail (thank goodness she didn’t, but we still don’t know exactly what’s wrong). At first, I was really excited about Daylight Saving Time and getting that extra hour of sleep but now I’m rethinking that. My schedule is all thrown off – I’m exhausted by 8:30 and wide awake at 4 in the morning. Not cool! I also didn’t think about the fact that the time change means it’s DARK by 6:00. Which brings me to Thursday’s workout…

Thursday night, I set out to tackle a 5 mile tempo run. I was a little nervous, because this would be the longest tempo run I’d ever tried before and I was worried about being able to do it. On the other hand,I was also excited to challenge myself and kind of looking forward to it. I got started a little later than I wanted to and got to work.  Right around 2.5 miles or so, I noticed that it was getting harder to see. Then all of a sudden – dark. I could barely see in front of me and of course I didn’t think to bring a flashlight or headlamp with me.  I finished my 3 tempo miles, but couldn’t see the times to tell if I was actually going fast or not. It felt like I was, but I wasn’t sure. I started to finish up my last mile, but couldn’t see anything. There were wet leaves and puddles everywhere and I couldn’t tell where I was stepping or what I was stepping into (which was super fun) so I had to call it at 4.5 miles. I didn’t even have to look to know that my pace was way too slow, even for me, and I was doing some kind of awkward shuffle-run thing that uncomfortable and probably just doing more harm than good.

5 tempo

Overall, I was really happy with this workout – I may not have been able to squeeze in that last half mile but the speed part was there. I was able to make each mile faster than the last and that’s what I look for more than what the split times were…and I was able to do it without my watch. Maybe someday I’ll be able to shoot for specific times, but I seem to have better luck when I don’t focus on the numbers and go by effort. And if it ain’t broke…don’t fix it!

That will probably be my first and only 5 mile run after work, and that disappoints me.  It’s only going to keep getting darker, earlier and pretty soon I probably won’t even have time for 3 miles before it’s too dark.  It looks like I’ll be moving my speed work indoors to the treadmill for the time being, which is ok for now. It’s not ideal, but I’ve been saying that I need to get more comfortable using that contraption anyway and this is going to force me to which is a good thing. I know that I’m a lot slower there, than I am outside but as long as I keep hitting the hills aka speed work in disguise I think that I’ll be ok for NVHM. Hopefully by the time training for Pittsburgh rolls around, I’ll be a little more comfortable on the ‘mill and I’ll be able to knock out some solid workouts on that baby.

Are you a treadmill lover or hater?


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