My Winter Running Wardrobe

Confession. This is the first winter season that I have consistently run through. What?! Somehow, up to and including last year I never run through all of the winter months. Due to illness, injury, or just taking a break I always managed to miss out on at least January and usually part of February. As such, my winter running wardrobe was lacking. I made due with one (awesome) pair of Under Armour tights that my step dad gave me for Christmas a few years ago and a couple of long sleeved shirts. From there, I would just pile on the layers as needed.

I knew that between training for Nittany Valley and the Pittsburgh Marathon, I would be running through ALL of the winter months this time around and would need to add a few more staple items. Since I’m starting almost from scratch, I wanted to be a little budget conscious and not run out and buy ALL of the Nike/LuLu/Under Armour (even though I reeeeallllly wanted to) right away. So I headed to Target, and scored some serious deals!

I initially bought this shirt last year in blue and loved it, so I was really happy to see that it was once again on the shelves.

I have it in blue, grey/pink, grey/purple (I don’t see this one online, but it was at my local Target); the only one I don’t have is black but I will probably scoop it up if it’s in stock next time I’m there. Between the fleece lining, thumbholes (always a win!), and the turtleneck, I don’t think this shirt is missing anything. The fit is listed as ‘fitted’ so it if you like your shirts lose definitely go up a size (or two). I have practically lived in these shirts this winter – they are warm and cozy without being heavy. This shirt always seems to be on sale, and I can usually get it anywhere from 20-23 instead of 25.

Full length view of this shirt. I don't make it look as good as the model.

Full length view of this shirt. I don’t make it look as good as the model, but it’s super comfy! (Photo stolen from Jennifer!)

With only one pair of running tights, I needed some pants as well. I went with these pants in black/grey and blue.

 I used to hate running tights mostly because they are so NOT flattering on me. They make my already large, ahem, athletic legs look even larger, ahem, athletic-er. Typically, they are SO tight in the legs that I can’t get them on, or they cut off the circulation, so I need to size up for that and then they are falling off at the waist (in all fairness, that’s true of just about every pair of pants I own) and that is seriously uncomfortable. Oh well….they’re necessary so I checked out Target’s selection and picked up two pairs of these. They seem to run a little on the large size, as I was able to comfortably fit into a medium with no problems. Note – I read some of the reviews that said the pants ran TIGHT and to size up. That was definitely not my experience! They are also fleece lined and reflective (sort of).  The fleece lining is very warm, and I’ve worn these pants on several arctic runs without a problem! The “reflection” is a few dots on the top of the leg, and a few dots on the bottom. I haven’t tested it out, but I’m guessing they don’t do much. These pants also feature a handy little pocket, which is great for storing my car key when I run out at North Park. I have no idea what the zippers along the calves are for? If it’s cold enough for pants, I want them zipped all the way, and if it’s warm enough for capris….I’ll wear the capris. For 25 bucks (on sale) a pair, I’m not complaining – if I can get two pairs of running pants for what 1 pair would cost me at most other stores I am all for it!  They are warm, comfortable, stay in place and have served their purpose! I wore the blue pair to the Nittany Valley Half and received several compliments on them!

The last item that I was really excited about was this jacket. I had my eye on this Under Armour jacket at Dicks, but the $125 dollar price tag had me a little unsure (It’s now on sale for $93, and I’m soooo tempted!). I was pretty positive I’d get my money’s worth, but I’m like a little bird – cheap, cheap, cheap so I passed. It also helped that when I did go there to buy it, they were sold out in my size and the large was too large and the small was too small. I’m a regular Goldilocks over here.  I was browsing Target’s website that same week and saw this bad boy on sale for $20.

It looked similar to the Under Armour jacket, and I got my hopes up. I went out to Target that night and was really excited to see they had a few jackets in stock. On-line they listed White, Black, and the Blue that I ended up purchasing. I really wanted the white, but there weren’t any available in-store and I didn’t want to wait to have it shipped. I try to stay away from black jackets because I worry about visibility so, blue it was. In hindsight, its probably good that the white was sold out – I am the messiest person and would surely spill something all over that sparkly white jacket! The fit is great, and I can easily wear another long sleeved top underneath. This jacket is WARM! I’ve worn this all winter long, and I never need more than the shirt above underneath and have actually contemplated taking this off a few times. I have no way to compare it to the other jacket but just like with the pants…for $20 (Black Friday Sale) it was well worth it! Even full price at $34.99 is a major bargain! I also really like that the zippers and sleeve cuffs seem to be reflective. I’m all about safety and visibility when running (getting run over by a car is not on my bucket list) so that was a definite plus!

This is the best picture I have that shows all of the pieces. The pink/grey shirt underneath, jacket, and tights.

All put together

All put together

I totally look like Violet from Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory, no?


“You’re turning violet, Violet!”

What’s your ‘must-have’ winter item? Bonus points if it’s on sale/a bargain!


It looks like Target is having a big sale on a lot of their athletic apparel, so if you’re in the market for some new gear…check it out!


4 thoughts on “My Winter Running Wardrobe

  1. I was just going to say that all the C9 is buy one, get one 50% off now! Another site you might check for bargains is They have most major running brands deeply discounted. I tend to stock up on end-of-season sales. Winter stuff will be on clearance soon!

  2. My favorite winter gear includes my nike Therma hoodie: That link will take you to Kohls but I got mine from the Nike outlet store in Washington (which is where I’ve gotten a lot of my running clothes, honestly. I’m a cheapskate too. lol). Mine is pink and black and says “Be Invincible” and I always feel like a beast when I wear it on days like today slogging through slush and snow. Most importantly for as lightweight as it is it is SO WARM. Seriously I get hot sometimes in frigid temps wearing this. better than freezing!
    Other than that I love my Manzella gloves. They are super warm and windproof and they have the touch tip thing going. I honestly forget what “model” I have – but they were around $25-30 and worth every penny. I can get away with cheapo stretch gloves until it gets around 32 degrees and then I have to put my good gloves on!

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