Five Things Friday – 5 Spring Things I am Most Excited About!

​I missed last week’s link up with Mar, Courtney, and Cynthia (to be honest though, my life is so boring I don’t think there are 5 interesting things about it 😉  …), but am excited to get back into it this week!
The topic is Spring and I was excited because it leaves so much room for activities, ahem, interpretation!!
I love this movie!

I love this movie!

Since next week’s topic is Spring Favorites, I decided to stay close to that theme and list the 5 Spring Things I am Most Excited About:
Longer Days – I think everyone loves this. Yes, technically we lose an hour of sleep but we get so much more daylight!! I can’t stand it being dark at 5:00 in the evening – all I want to do is crawl under a blankie with a cat or three and go to sleep!
Races! Spring is the start of racing season, starting with the LA Marathon, then Boston, London and of course the Pittsburgh Marathon!
Game. On.

Game. On.



Baseball returns! I had high hopes of getting down to Florida to visit my dad this March and since he is also close to Bradenton we had planned to catch a few spring training games as well. Unfortunately, that didn’t happen but I’m still so excited that the regular season is just a few short weeks away!
Let's Go Bucs

Let’s Go Bucs!!


Stanley Cup Playoffs! There is nothing like playoff hockey…unfortunately if you are a Pens fan the last few playoff years have been disappointing, but the games are still so fun to watch!
stanley cup
Fruits & Veggies! Slowly but surely so many delicious fruits and vegetable will be coming back into season; I am especially looking forward to asparagus! YUM!
What ‘Spring Things’ do you look forward to?

3 thoughts on “Five Things Friday – 5 Spring Things I am Most Excited About!

  1. Neither Dave nor I are baseball fans, but I also love when baseball season starts. I love the stadium and the whole atmosphere around the game. In the past we have gone to games and Dave walks around and takes pictures and I sit and read a book and neither of us actually watch the game. So I guess I’m a fan of the idea of baseball. 🙂

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