Pittsburgh Marathon Training – Week 11

This may be the shortest recap ever – no extra words. Just the workouts. And a quick explanation!

I haven’t been feeling well lately, and last week was ROUGH. The symptoms were bad enough to send me to the doctor and had me worried/stressed. No one likes to admit when they are having troubles of any kind, whether it be health, financial, work, etc. and I am no exception.  And everyone has been so sweet checking in to see if I’m OK – it was SO appreciated; I’m still waiting on a few tests & results but it doesn’t seem to be anything serious. The point here is that I was exhausted last week and had barely any energy to go to work let alone get all of my workouts in. This isn’t just being tired from training, and yawning in the afternoon…this is pure fatigue/exhaustion. I can barely keep my eyes open during the day, my mind is foggy and I can barely focus, and the simple task of getting ready for work in the morning has me worn out. Dry Shampoo has become my best friend – I wash my hair at night so I can bank an extra 15 or 20 minutes of sleep in the morning. For the time being strength training is out, and I’m really not pushing my runs. If I feel tired at all, I back off. I don’t want to risk total burnout at this point.

Monday – Rest.

Tuesday – 5 miles 56:12 (11:14 pace).

Wednesday – Rest. No strength training….literally no strength to do any strength.

Thursday – 5 miles 55:48 (11:10 pace) Should have been some kind of speed work, but my only goal here was to get a few miles in.

Friday – Rest.

Saturday – HOLY CRAP WHY IS IT SO COLD?! Seriously. This is total bullshit. The plan was 10 miles at race pace, but it just wasn’t happening. At mile 4 it felt like I hit a brick wall, and I diverted off my route to go home. I ended at 5.89 miles….and that drove me nuts. I HAVE to end on either a .5 or a .0 . But I honestly couldn’t take another step; I was at my front door and I was going through it. Straight to the couch. 5.89 miles 1:06 (11:18 pace)

Sunday – Ideally, I would run 20 miles. I wasn’t sure if that was going to work out, but I headed out to North Park anyway. Jen rocked her long run the day before at the JASR half marathon, so I thought I would be all by my lonesome but Shaun had to run long that day too so he offered to join me for a few. I warned him that I am slooooow, but he was OK with that. We started out, and I must’ve been feeling good because we were cruising along right at race pace, or better. I knew that I would pay dearly for that later, but eh, whatever. We ran 12 together, and I set out to tackle the next 8 solo. I wanted to try North Ridge or Kummer, but I knew that there was no way that going to work. I slightly misjudged my mileage and got back to my car at 19.5 . I really didn’t feel like circling the parking lot like an idiot so I figured that 19.5 was just fine. 19.5 miles 3:41 (11:19 pace).  The last 4.5 were all in the 12+ min miles…I considered it my “cool down” 😉 I also re-learned my lesson that I should NOT start out like a bat out of hell and be a little more controlled.

Hopefully next week, I’ll be back to my normal…wordy self with lots of cat pictures to share 🙂


6 thoughts on “Pittsburgh Marathon Training – Week 11

    • Thank you so, so much <3!! I really appreciate it! It is incredibly frustrating when you aren't feeling well and don't know why! I'm starting to feel better…I don't have all of the answers yet, but at least I'm on the mend!
      I have missed blogging and checking in with everyone else -I'm so sorry I haven't been able to keep up with you! Hopefully I will be back to it very soon!

    • I had a great time! Thanks for not leaving me behind – I know I’m so much slower and that it’s hard to match that kind of pace! To be honest, I’m not 100% sure how I managed 20 that day either…it was rough!

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