Beating the Taper – Spring Cleaning!!

We are officially in full taper mode right now (holy crap…IT’S RACE WEEK!!!!), and if you’re like me…you’re going nuts. I‘ve found the best way to beat this is to keep myself busy and catch up on things that I didn’t have the time, or energy, for during training.  The first way to occupy my time and mind is by cleaning!

My husband is a neat freak, but with 4 cats and me (he refers to me as Hurricane Amanda) things can still get messy. We dust/vacuum at least 3 or 4 times per week, and any clutter makes him twitch so things are normally pretty clean but there are somethings that can get overlooked. My Big 3 are:

                Light Fixtures/Ceiling Fans: Lamp Shades need vacuumed, and we take the actual glass fixtures down from the lights and ceiling fans and wash & dry them. We took pane off of our chandelier, washed, dried, and hung them back up.

So pretty when it's clean. Kind of like me...LOL!

So pretty when it’s clean. Kind of like me…LOL!

I can’t BELIEVE how much brighter it was in our house after! This doesn’t take a ton of time, but it is still a really good way to distract yourself! And when was the last time you cleaned the blades of your ceiling fans? We try to do ours monthly and they can get pretty gnarly.

                Pet Beds: 4 furry cats and boy, do they love their beds and cat trees.  Holy cannoli! I vacuumed all three beds (Peanut doesn’t ever use them, so we stopped trying to buy him one. He’s much happier using my pillow), and I’m pretty sure I could have made another full sized cat out of what was in the canister!

It's amazing how nasty these things get.

It’s amazing how nasty these things get.

I flip them inside out and use the brush attachment of the vacuum to get in all of the corners/folds.  We also have 2 cat trees (1 upstairs/1 downstairs) and when they aren’t in the beds, they’re on the trees.  They also need a thorough cleaning…and probably more often than they actually get.

             Vacuum Cleaner: Yes. You need to clean your cleaning supplies!!  

I vacuum the vacuum cleaner. WHAT?!

I vacuum the vacuum cleaner. WHAT?!

Again, I do this every couple of months (but should do it monthly) because the filters get clogged and bogged down. I just cleaned mine last week and I can’t believe how disgusting it was AND how much better it’s cleaning now!  I take the filter out, vacuum it off (yes, I have a vacuum cleaner to clean my vacuum) to get the excess dust off and then rinse it off under warm water.  I also wash out the canister and wipe everything down and let everything air dry for a day or two to make sure it’s completely dry; otherwise it can smell really musty the next time you turn that vacuum on! I’ve always referred to vacuums as sweepers, and was surprised one day when someone didn’t know what I was talking about. Is this a regional/Pittsburgh term, like gumband, that I don’t know about??


This is the look I get (x4) when I start the vacuum cleaner.

This is the look I get (x4) when I start the vacuum cleaner.


This is just one of the way I’m going to keep busy during my taper, but I have a few more fun posts about what I’m up to!


What are your “often forgotten” about places/things that you should probably go clean now?


6 thoughts on “Beating the Taper – Spring Cleaning!!

  1. Funny because my wife Amanda is like a hurricane too. Everyday I find myself retracing her steps and picking up after her. I always forget to clean the vacuum, and I know I should clean it. As you can see I am the neat freak of my household

    • I want a Dyson in the worst way, but am way too cheap to pay full price for one and I don’t want to risk the refurbished ones on Groupon. I might be imagining this, but they don’t have filters like other “sweepers” do, right? One of these days I’m going to break down and get one…maybe when we are in the new house 😉 ?

    • We bought the Shark Professional back in October and I love it! I’m way too cheap to buy a Dyson, and this is supposedly comparable. I like that the canister detaches and I can take it on the stairs (another high traffic area that doesn’t get cleaned as often as it should) and it’s nice and light to maneuver up and down the stairs too! We used to have a Hoover Pet (I think) and it was awful – way too heavy to drag around and a pain to clean!

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