Post Marathon Thoughts (a month later, but that’s ok!)

Well, howdy! I posted my actual race recap and then disappeared for a while! I have been going non-stop since then and finally have a few moments to check in. I also need to catch up with everyone else – what have I missed?

A few more thoughts Post Race that I want to mention before we’re done talking about Pittsburgh and we move on to bigger and better things.

-I was in rough shape after. I couldn’t tell if I was STARVING or if I was going to throw up. I was a hot, sweaty, salty mess so the first order of business was a shower…but the thought of climbing the stairs was just too much so I laid in the foyer for a while with my feet propped up against the wall. Jen told me that helps with post-race soreness so I figured if I was going to lay there, I might as well make it productive. After a while, I decided I could venture up…but the stairs were too much of a challenge so I had to crawl up them like a toddler. From there, I still wasn’t sure if I was going to be sick or not and I still didn’t have the energy to stand long enough for a shower so I put my head on the cat bed and laid there for a little while longer.

Not. Moving.

Not. Moving.

Pretty sure the cats thought I was losing it.

"Get your sorry butt off the floor, and away from my bed"

“Get your sorry butt off the floor, and away from my bed”

After I finally showered, I put my robe on and laid it bed and it was soooo wonderfully soft. Wilber must’ve been really concerned because he crawled under the blankets and sat next to me for about 20 minutes. He usually only does this when I’m sick, so I knew I must have been giving off some bad vibes.

"It's OK, Ma. I'll take care of you"

“It’s OK, Ma. I’ll take care of you”

It also took me forever to eat. I was hungry, but after a few bites I would feel sick so it took me about 2 hours to get a Qdoba burrito bowl down when it normally takes about 6 seconds.

-NO sunburn and NO chafing. WAHOO. I sprayed about a half a bottle of sunblock on but wasn’t sure if it would last and I was so happy to see that it did. If you notice, in the pictures from the first half of the race I have a black armband on to hold my phone but by the time I finished it was gone. Somewhere between miles 17-20 I ditched that sucker – it was HOT, heavy and I could feel it rubbing funny on my arm so off it went. I stuffed my phone in the kangaroo pouch and it worked out just fine.  It was $6 from Big Lots, I’ll get over it.

-The course was NOT as bad as I thought it would be; Forbes Ave sucked big time, but I knew that it would.  The rest though wasn’t nearly as scary as my nightmares led me to believe.  Had the heat not kicked my ass, I’m pretty confident that I would have either met my 4:50 goal time or have been veeeeeeeerry close.

-Even though I didn’t get burned, I was still really over heated. It took 2 or 3 days before it felt like my body temperature returned to normal. I’m sure that sounds strange, but I just felt hot.

-Sadly, I did NOT take advantage of the VIP offerings after the race. There was a lunch buffet, massages, etc. but since I had both Tall One and mother in law with me (and they didn’t have passes), I thought it was rude to make them wait outside while I got a massage. Plus, I just wanted to get home.

-I thought about registering for the Harrisburg or Philadelphia Marathons in November, but didn’t. My original goal at the start of the year was to run this marathon, and spend the rest of the time focusing on speed. Lots of weekend 5Ks and a few half marathons are in my future. My current PRs are 28:09, and 2:18:xx respectively. I KNOW there are faster times in my legs; I ran the 10 miler at North Park in February and finished with a 1:40:xx and was still speeding up. I’m pretty confident in my ability to get my time down to at least 2:15, but more like 2:12ish especially if I run a flatter course.

-My co-workers are awesome. Not only did most of them come out on Race Day to support me, but I had this awesome surprise waiting for me when I got to work Monday morning. How lucky am I?


-I WILL be back for Pittsburgh 2016. It is Game On 2.0, baby.

Soooooooooo, what have I missed?? Fill me in – I need details!


8 thoughts on “Post Marathon Thoughts (a month later, but that’s ok!)

  1. YAY I’m glad you’re back! I was actually just thinking about you yesterday and wondering if you were ever blogging again 🙂 I know exactly all of those feelings you described after the race. Luckily I lived downtown and had an elevator when I ran it so I didn’t have to worry about stairs! Those are definitely the worst. And good for you for going in to work on Monday- i know a lot of people take that day off! Your coworkers are so sweet 🙂

    • Awwwwww, thanks ❤ !!!! I have just been so damn busy…I almost forgot what my password to WordPress was,lol!

      I didn't want to go to work Monday – I would have been much happier laying around, but, I'm trying to save my vacation days so I can head down to Florida to see my Dad for the holidays!

  2. Hi there! I’ve missed you! I hope you’re feeling back to yourself by now. I love those pics of your cats…the first one totally reminds me of my Calloway. He frequently give me that “wtf you silly human” look. lol I know you have that speed in you. Any ideas on a next goal race?

    You didn’t miss much from me – I felt sorry for myself, got mad, got over it, made new goals and started new training in the gym. Played mom to cats and kids. Lived life. ha!

    • Hiiiiiiiiiiii!!!!!! 🙂 I’ve missed you too!

      I feel like Peanut is just constantly judging me – no matter what I do! I always imagine him to be a little like Sheldon Cooper from the Big Bang Theory 🙂

      I’m so glad to hear that you’re doing well – hopefully we will get to read all about the new goals and you kicking ass 😀

  3. Glad to see you are back, you had me worried for a minute. I like that you are already commiting to PGH 2016. I will be right there with you.

    From me you haven’t missed anything except nagging injury’s and the usual stuff. My season is about to kick into high gear in the next few weeks so I got that to look forward too

    • Don’t worry – you guys can’t get rid of me that easy! But I do really appreciate that everyone was looking for me!

      I’m sorry your injury is still there – hopefully you’ll get that healed up ASAP!!

  4. That is so sweet of your coworkers to do! It sounds like some extreme fatigue with not being able to move or eat. Amazing you were fine to go into work the next day! That you didn’t think the course was that bad speaks volumes about your training. I’m positive you would have hit your goal if the weather would have cooperated! You’ll get your revenge next year, for sure!

    • My coworkers are amazing! I am so lucky!
      The other day I was reading an article, and I think I may have had the beginning of heat exhaustion! Some of the symptoms (dizziness/faintness, fatigue, etc) sound very similar to what I was experiencing.
      I’m really hoping that the stars align for next year’s race – I’m not sure I can handle another disappointing marathon!

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