I’m hoping these cat pictures will win you back

Soooooo I’m hoping that the obnoxious amounts of cat pictures will make up for my absence. I was going to post a weekly recap, but considering last week was spent sick and on the couch…there wasn’t much to recap. My bad. I’m back at it this week, though, and will be running the Jane Neely Run for your Life 5K on July 4th. I had planned on training pretty hard for this but time just got away from me. It took a little longer than I anticipated to back to my usual running routine; to be perfectly honest…I just didn’t want to. Running felt like a chore. The hot and humid weather didn’t help matters, and I have really been enjoying the extra time spent with the kitties and Tall One. Don’t get me wrong, I’ve still been running, just not much. I’m going to spend July getting back into my routine, and getting more comfortable training by heart rate so that I can train for the Buffalo Creek Half Marathon!! I’m excited to make up a plan, follow it, and hopefully set a brand spankin’ new PR!  I’ll save all of that for another post (or two…I need content!) and let you enjoy some cat shenanigans!


Screw you, Tuesdays.

Screw you, Tuesdays.


Where's Wilbur??

Where’s Wilbur??


What's up 'der???

What’s up ‘der???


Where's Wilbur?

Where’s Wilbur?


Not amused with my paparazzi tendancies

Not amused with my paparazzi tendencies


Editor in Chief

Editor in Chief


Miss Shooter

No clever caption…just my precious Shooter ❤





What's for lunch??

What’s for lunch??

I’m finalizing my training plan for BCHM and hopefully will be able to share it soon!


Has everyone picked their fall race?? What is it? What’s your goal??


2 thoughts on “I’m hoping these cat pictures will win you back

  1. Love the kitty pics! I love the one with the fridge open.,, haha that is so my Meatball’s game. Can’t wait to hear more about your plans for the fall. You already know I’m doing MCM, but I’m kind of kicking around the idea of doing the Montour Trail half as a training run. Other than that, I’m happy if I finish out the year crossing the finish in DC with a smile on my face. I’ve actually already started planning 2016, but I’m a huge weirdo and I’ll end up changing that plan at least 2348924 times for sure.

    • I LOVE the Montour Trail half!! That was my first ever half marathon back in 2012 so it has a special place in this runner’s ❤ ! Unfortunately, since then I've never been able to fit in my schedule!
      Don't feel bad, I've already started thinking about 2016 as well….nothing wrong with a little pre planning 😉

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