Buffalo Creek Half Marathon Training – Week 1

How is it August already?! I feel like just yesterday we were still training for Pittsburgh and now we’ve all moved on to training for fall races! Crazy! Since everyone else has been training for BCHM for 3 or 4 weeks I feel like I am SO behind. This capped off the first week of training for me and it was great. When I picked my training plan (Hal Higdon’s Intermediate Half) I didn’t realize how LOW the mileage is. I only ran 16 miles this past week, but I felt like they were all quality. Thanks to this plan, and my heart rate training, I really feel like they all served a purpose and I can feel that they did. That probably sounds crazy, but for the first time in ages I really feel like I am making true progress with my training. That is an amazing feeling. Also. I have 0 running related pictures…so cat pictures it is! Sorry, but not really.
Monday: 3 miles 36:36 12:12 pace Avg HR: 153.  I always struggle with Monday runs, which is why I usually make that my rest day. This time around it’s time to suck it up and get it done. I could NOT drag myself out of bed that morning so I had to wait until after work to do it. It was HOT and sunny out, but I told myself that it was no biggie. Since it was an easy day, I didn’t have to worry about my pace or throwing down some major repeats. It wasn’t terrible, but it reminded my why I love running early; I was tired, and my legs were like lead and it was pretty toasty. I was disappointed when I realized that soon I’ll be doing most of my runs at that time since it will  be too dark to run before work. Major sad panda over here.
Sad Panda

Sad Panda

Tuesday: 5x400m repeats. I did not have high hopes for this one. I wasn’t feeling 100%, and the humidity was brutal. I usually do a 1 mile warmup, but only did about 3/4 of one – I had to make a pit stop home and since I was right by the road I do the repeats on I decided to just get them started. My target heart rate for repeats is 186-190, and I noticed that since the repeats are so short it’s not a lot of time for me to get my heart rate that high. Even with that, my splits were: 7:47, 7:35, 8:07, 7:51, 8:07 . My recovery intervals are .10 . I was really ecstatic to see splits in the SEVENS. WHERE DID THAT COME FROM?! Apparently, there is an inner speed demon that is just waiting to bust out.  Because of the recovery intervals, it’s hard to give an accurate representation of average heart rate, pace etc. but here they are: 1:.69 miles (does not include my warmup because I have to reset my watch) 16:00 9:29 pace. Avg HR: 171 BOOM!
Rub muh belly, please

Rub muh belly, please

Wednesday: 3 miles  33:00 11:00 pace Avg HR: 152  . This run doesn’t have a specific designation (not easy, not speed, not pace, etc) I designated this as a medium pace with the heart rate zone between my easy and long run zone: 155-160. I was met with 80% humidity but it didn’t seem too terrible, and I was able to keep my heart rate in the zone. Actually, it was just UNDER the zone at 152 so that was even better for the pace I was able to manage.
No respect. On the table, on my sweater. You can tell she's concerned about the ramifications

No respect. On the table, on my sweater. You can tell she’s concerned about the ramifications

Thursday: Weights! I finally moved on to the next stage of New Rules of Lifting for Women a few weeks ago and I really enjoy those workouts. The ONLY move I hate is the Dumbbell Cuban Snatch. It feels so unnatural and like I’m not doing it right (even with 3 lb weights) so I decided I’m not doing it anymore. I’ll substitute it for….something. Not sure what, but just not that!
Now we are crossing the lines. On the counter, bird watching.

Now we are crossing the lines. On the counter, bird watching. Obviously the counter was cleaned and a new towel was put down. And he was back 5 minutes later.

Friday: 3 miles 30:00 10 min pace Avg HR 167 . This is supposed to be a pace run and my heart rate should be between 170-174, so again I was a little low but still a really good effort. I was a touch disappointed that it wasn’t as fast as last week’s pace run (9:5x pace) but had I kicked it up a notch and gotten my HR up 5 more bpm I would have been back in the 9’s. It’s amazing to me how those few beats can so drastically effect your pace!
Breakfast is apparently self serve these days...

Breakfast is apparently self serve these days…

Saturday: 5 miles 1:02 12:23 pace Avg HR: 137 I met Jen at North Park bright and early at 6:30! The roads were practically empty (except, I did manage to get stuck behind the ONE other person out…going 5 miles under the speed limit), and it was so nice and cool. I only had 5 on the schedule so we did the first loop together; it was great to be reunited! Our schedules haven’t matched up for the last few weeks and it had been awhile since we tackled any miles together, so we got to catch up which made the miles FLY by! Before I knew it, we were back at our cars and Jen was fueling up to tackle the last 4 miles. Our roles are reversed for this training cycle – during marathon training I was always the one setting of to face the last few miles solo and now it’s Jen’s turn! She crushed it (of course), and used her last miles as a fast finish! Awesome!  It was awesome to be finished with my “long run” (I use long very loosely here since it was only 5 miles) before 8 AM! I literally had the whole day to get stuff done!
Sunday: Rest! I remembered when I was crawling into bed that I’m supposed to use Sunday as another weights day. My bad.
I’m really pleased with this week. I only totaled about 16.5 miles and I’m good with that. It can be tough to look on Daily Mile and see everyone else logging 10 and 20 miles per week more than me but I need to swallow my pride, and focus on me and my goals. For a while I was focused on quantity not quality in my plans, but I’m starting to appreciate that that may not always be the best option for me. It’s awesome to have focus and direction again!! I can’t wait to see what this training cycle brings 🙂
How was your week? Please tell me your pets have some bad manners/bad habits too?

10 thoughts on “Buffalo Creek Half Marathon Training – Week 1

  1. First, LOVE the cat pics & sad panda. Please do cat pics every recap! This plan is definitely working for you! And you are really on top of your game with the heart rate training. This was such an awesome week, and it was only the first! Can’t wait to see what other grest things are in store for you this training cycle!

    • Thank you! I definitely need to add more cat pictures to my recaps – I never take pictures of my outfits, or post run selfies (because I look like hell) so cats (and maybe pandas) are pretty much necessary.

      I am really excited to see what kind of progress I can make this time around. It’s nice to finally feel like I’m doing this running “thing” right!! 🙂

  2. I always felt that with the low mileage using that plan, the quality was always better. Your week may have not had the high miles but the times and everything still looks so good. Great week!!! I got to be honest I don’t know how to react to you posting 2 posts back to back weeks. I feel like you were gone for so long

    • THANKS!!! I can definitely tell that all 16 miles were quality so I don’t feel too bad…it’s nice to train for something and still feel like I have so much time for other things!

      You aren’t going to know which way is up when I post twice in one WEEK (hopefully tomorrow) 😀 ! I was gone, but am definitely back now! When I’m not running much or training for anything in particular, I don’t have much to say so I feel like posting is a waste….

  3. Nice running! I admit I am intrigued by HR training but haven’t decided if I want to try it yet. Great cat pics! My cats are horrible. They know they aren’t allowed on the counters but live there during the summer. I put them down, they jump back up. Heli then likes to knock pens down as petty revenge.

    • Thank you!! 🙂 HR training takes a little while to get used to, but it is really awesome. I’ve only been doing it for two-ish months, with the first month spent just trying to understand it and get comfortable with the zones, but I have never felt so consistent in my paces and so strong during my workouts. It’s really worth investing the time!
      I’m so glad someone else’s cats are hellions! The KNOW exactly where they shouldn’t be, but there they are anyway! Peanut is a huge fan of stealing my ice water – I always see his furry face buried in my glass!

  4. You’re doing great with the heart rate training and this is a good start to your training plan! I’m really glad to hear you’re still lifting too – those Cuban Snatches are tough! The initial pull isn’t bad, but that rotation?? Killer! Oh, and I feel the same as you about DM sometimes… it’s really a blow to the ego and psychs me out at times seeing people just seemingly breeze through stuff like it’s their job but I have to kick myself in the ass and remind myself that I’m not them and they’re not me and you know.. all that jazz. Still doesn’t mean the envy monster doesn’t come knocking on the door, though.

    My cats are bad. I’ve always attributed it to the fact that we got 2/3 of them before we had kids thinking they would be our only kids and have babied them as such. For one, we made the mistake of catering to Meatball when she’d sit on the sink and meow for water straight from the tap. Now it’s a consistent thing… she will howl in the middle of the night sitting on the sink until someone comes and turns the tap on. Meanwhile there’s a fresh bowl of water on the floor. :\

    • I’m glad I’m not the only one that gets bummed about daily mile. It is tough to NOT get caught up in the comparisons, and I sometimes I really get down on myself. And I know this is dumb, but I worry that people are judging me – that she’s ONLY running 3 miles OF COURSE she can run those paces; ohhhhh boy! 16 miles for the whole week….big whoop. It’s ridiculous, and even if they DO think that I shouldn’t care but I do.

      When I was growing up we had a cat that used to drink straight from the tap too – it is SO stinkin’ cute!! Shooter has some seriously awful table manners – she sits next to you and taps you on the arm to remind you she’s there and to please share the goodies. Some days, though, she isn’t so subtle and just tries to barge her way through straight to the plate. It’s embarrassing.

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