Buffalo Creek Half Marathon Training – Week 2

Happy Monday, Wednesday, Thursday! I got a little sidetracked this week – I got my first course syllabus and have been mildly freaking out even since! There is quite a bit of work crammed into 8 weeks and the assignments look pretty intense. I think part of my anxiety is stemming from the fact that I don’t yet have the syllabus for my science class. I’m panicking over whether tests are going to coincide and I have all of this work for ONE class how am I going to manage another?! I’m also already wondering how this whole training thing is going to work out…I’m not going to worry about that tooooo much but it’s definitely on my mind.

So, onto another week of training! It was another low mileage week, and even with that there were still some tough runs in there.  I don’t have many running pictures again, but the cats were a total hit last week so they will be featured heavily again!

Monday: 3 miles 35:00 11:29 pace Avg HR:  147       It was a really beautiful morning with a fantastic sunrise! I don’t usually take my phone with me – it’s a pain to carry and my armband is chilling somewhere in Homewood, so I wasn’t able to capture it. Overall I felt great! I find that I’m getting better at naturally falling into the right zone and it’s less of a battle to keep my HR where it should be. I used to hate running easy, because it meant “slow”, but I’m slowly (haha, see what I did there??) falling in love with these.


Wilbur scoping out the goods

Wilbur scoping out the goods

Tuesday: 30 min tempo 3.1 miles 9:34 pace Avg HR:  168    I was a little nervous about this run. I tried a 30 minute tempo several weeks ago and didn’t even get 3 miles. I was a little embarrassed, and worried that I wouldn’t getting enough mileage with these tempos. But after analyzing the run, I noticed that I was really low in the HR zone and if I would just push it a little more I might see better results. And I was right! My splits were: 9:37, 9:52, 9:08, 10:46 for the .1 ! A little inconsistent with that middle mile but overall I was really excited by these results. I made great adjustments and great progress in just 2 weeks and that is proof that I’m on the right path.

Wilbur has been giving Gizmo hiding lessons.

Wilbur has been giving Gizmo hiding lessons.


Wednesday: 3 miles 33:00 10:54 pace Avg HR:  153  Another beautiful morning! The sunrises were off.the.chart. all week long and I loved it. They are definitely the types of mornings that make me happy & grateful that I run, and give me a chance to reflect on all kinds of things. I love it! I got a strength workout in Wednesday evening as well.

I wake up to this x4 every morning. Someone is not pleased that breakfast was delayed.

I wake up to this look x4 every morning. Someone is not pleased that breakfast was delayed.


Thursday: Strength. I know you aren’t supposed to do the NROLFW workouts back to back. But I did. Such a rebel.


I got snazzy new running shoes this weekend. When I got home, I promptly tried them on, and Shooter promptly stole the box.

I got snazzy new running shoes this weekend. When I got home, I promptly tried them on, and Shooter promptly stole the box.

Friday: 3 mile Pace Run 29:00 9:29 pace Avg HR:  172       AWE.SOME. The week before, I was little disappointed at my pace but after seeing my average heart rate, it was clear why. My heart rate was too low. This week I made a major effort to not let it dip below 170 and my pace went right back down into the mid 9’s. Imagine that.  It’s amazing how just a few beats can make a big impact on my pace.

I need this backpack. I know I'm not actually going to be going to school, so I don't NEED it....but boy, do I want that.

I need this backpack. I know I’m not actually going to be going to school, so I don’t NEED it….but boy, do I want that. In case you can’t tell, that’s CATS floating through the galaxy. Amazing.


Saturday:  6 miles 1:09 11:27 pace Avg HR: 162   This run sucked. I had so much on my mind and was having a hard time keeping it together to begin with, so this was tough. My heart rate was elevated from the get go and I just couldn’t bring it back down. I also went back to the hilly route around my neighborhood and it was harder than I remembered.  It’s amazing how much stress and other outside factors can affect heart rate. I’ve noticed that several times now and it while I’m aware of it, it never fails to amaze me.

She is nailing it.

She is nailing it.


Sunday. Rest day. It was the first “anniversary” (that sounds like such an odd word to use in this situation) of my step father’s passing and it was rough. Hence, Saturday’s run through Struggle Town. It was hard, but to be honest, the days leading up to it were even harder.  I was dreading it, but it ended up being OK. We (me, Tall One, my mom and my aunt) met  at the cemetery  and then went to an Irish pub (Siebs) for a toast. Not exactly conventional but exactly what  Lee would have wanted


It still feels weird to be doing such low mileage, but it seems that I am really responding to it so I won’t question anything! I think that within the next week or two, my morning runs will be coming to an end and that’s a total bummer. I LOVE early morning runs, but it’s already staying SO dark in the morning – I delay my starts for as long as I can but I won’t be able to do that much longer. Transitioning back to running after work can sometimes be tough for me but eventually I’ll get back in the groove.


11 thoughts on “Buffalo Creek Half Marathon Training – Week 2

  1. Goodness I’m not even headed back to school anytime soon and I NEED that backpack. Cats in space? Yes!

    You’re doing great with your training thus far. Just take it one day at a time (I know, easier said than done). And keep up the rebellious strength workouts too! 😀 I need to invest in another armband for my iPhone. I loved my old one, but since I (finally) upgraded to the iPhone 6 I can no longer fit the phone in it and haven’t gotten a replacement yet. 😦 Thankfully it still fits in my SpiBelt – albiet very snug – but I don’t always like wearing that either.

    • RIGHT?! That backpack is just necessary. It may still find it’s way into my home…. 😉

      I haven’t decided what I want to do about a phone holder….I didn’t LOVE the one I ditched (which is one of the reasons I didn’t mind tossing it. And it was $6.00 at BigLots); it was hot and sweaty and rubbed my arm chub the wrong way…..

  2. Great week! My plan also started at really low mileage (15). I think that’s common! Are you doing a different type of tempo? I rememer when I was doing Higdon I was confused about the gradual build / gradual decline because it was so hard to do in practice. I’m not sure I ever did it exactly like the Higdon plan says to! Sunday sounds like the perfect way to remember your stepdad. I’m sure he would have been happy that you remembered in a way that he would have wanted.

    • Ummmmmmm I’m not sure about my tempo… 😀
      Since it’s done by minutes instead of miles I start out in the lower end of my zone for X minutes (10 for a 30 min tempo) and then increase my zone by about 5 bpm for 5 minutes, then hit the high end of my zone for 5 minutes. From there I think you’re supposed to cool down for 5 minutes, but I usually try to hold that zone for that as well. I don’t know how “right” this is, but I’m pretty sure it’s “righter” than any tempo I’ve tried before. Higdon isn’t super clear on that; I think he tells you to buy his book for more information.

  3. I love the cat checking out the refrigerator- that’s classic. Nice training week! I’ve been struggling with easy runs lately and most runs are easy these days so that’s not a good thing. I like the idea of HR training but wonder how bad the chest strap would chafe.

    • Thanks! Every time I turn around that stinker is trying to get into the fridge! It’s a hoot!

      The chest strap is not as bad as I thought it would be. I keep it on the loose side, and position it so that it lines up with my sports bra strap. After a few runs, I started forgetting that I even had it on! The new Garmin 220 has the HRM built into the watch so you don’t even need to wear the strap. I’m definitely asking Santa for one of those bad boys this year 😉

  4. Nice week, and I have to just be honest and say no a fan of the book bag, could be because I am deathly allergic to cats, lol. Don’t get yourself over stressed with school, I have learned that if you just relax things seem to fall into place

    • HAH! Tall One wasn’t a fan of the backpack either. Although, if it helps…there are a few puppies floating around the galaxy bag too!

      I’m trying so hard to stay calm about school, but it is not working! I’m the type of person who like to plan the shit out of things and this not knowing the plan for an entire class is killing me!!

  5. What shoes did you get?! Brooks are my fave so I always want to know what other people get. When I was in college I was training for my first half and first full, and if I was busy/overwhelmed with school I just relaxed. I used running as an outlet and stress relief, but the fact is that school was more important to me. It’s not like running is my job or anything, so I wasn’t going to let it add stress to my life. I hope that it works out for you as well, and remember you’re allowed to skip a workout if school is getting too busy!!

    • I got a new pair of the Adrenalines – they are SO pretty! I’ll have to post a picture! I ❤ them!

      You're right – it's OK to skip a workout. School comes first, for sure! I DO have a contingency plan in place if I need it – I'll drop down to running 3x week with 1 easy, 1 speed, 1 long and go from there 🙂 Thanks for the advice and encouragement! I appreciate it so much <3!!!

  6. seems like training is going along fine. Everyone has some bad runs, ups and downs and I’ve learned that it’s pretty much part of the process. So, stick with it, listen to your body and progress will come. You’re putting in some nice miles!

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