About Me

Hi! Welcome to The Crazy Cat Lady Runner – I’m Amanda

Wilbur was THRILLED

That’s meeeeee!

Thanks for stopping to check out my little corner of the blog world!

So far in my short running career, I’ve run 1 full marathon, 3 half marathons, and I can’t wait to add more to the list!

I’m not a fast runner. At all. If you started reading thinking you would be hearing about multiple BQ’s, sub 4 hour marathons, and 1:45 or better half marathons you should probably stop now.  Right now, I’m working on a sub 5 hour marathon. Yes, sub 5.  However, if you like cat pictures, mediocre writing about mediocre running, and sarcasm – stick around!

In all seriousness though, I’m always looking for advice and support, so follow along as I attempt to work my way up from the very back of the pack to at least the FRONT of the back. As much as I love sarcasm and humor, I’m also a pretty happy person. I always try to find the best in a situation and keep a Positive Mental Attitude.

In case the name of my blog didn’t give it away, I am a self proclaimed crazy cat lady. I live in Pittsburgh with my Husband referred to as The Tall One since he prefers to remain “off the grid”, and our 4 furry cat children – Peanut, Shooter, Gizmo and Wilbur.  I am totally obsessed with all of them, so expect frequent pictures  of the kitties in addition to whatever other random topics I can come up with! 🙂


Also, since I’m just getting this blog up and running, so please be patient with the layout. I am test driving a bunch of different layouts and themes – still haven’t found one that I love yet. I am kind of WordPress stupid, so if you have any advice I’m all ears!

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