Cats and a Quote

I totally missed out on National Cat Day. Fail Whale.

I tried to take some selfies with the cats for the occasion and it didn’t turn out all that well either. No one would indulge me. Jerks.


Wilbur was THRILLED

Wilbur was THRILLED

The girls weren’t into the selfies at all.



Shooter doesn’t hold still long enough for one, so I got her hiding out behind a door waiting to attack anyone that walked past.


And my quote for the week:


I’m running another 5K tomorrow with Jennifer. I really have no idea what my goals are/should be… so I’m just going to go out there and try to haul ass for 3.1 . Wish us luck!!


Cats and a Quote

This was supposed to publish last Friday, and I’m only realizing today that it didn’t. Oops.  At any rate, enjoy!!


Gizmo was loving all of the time I spent icing my leg. Lots of belly rubs! And that gorgeous blanket? HAND MADE as bridal shower gift. All 4 kitties are your best friend when that bad boy comes out! Don’t be jealous of those fuzzy purple slipper socks either. You can’t have them.

Shooter also helps me ice my leg. Don't make fun of my ginger complexion!

Shooter also helps me ice my leg. Don’t make fun of my pasty ginger complexion!

I haven't seen Wilbur lately...

I haven’t seen Wilbur lately…

Peanut is my blogging buddy

Peanut is my blogging buddy

But really, where's Wilbur??

But really, where’s Wilbur??

New boxes are the BEST THING EVER

New boxes are the BEST THING EVER!

quote 10-16

It’s so easy to compare yourself to what someone else is training for, what paces they run, how far they run…this quote reminds me to LET GO of that and focus on MY progress and MY results and to not get caught up in comparisons!