NVHM Week 9 – Almost There!!

I hope everyone had a fantastic Thanksgiving holiday! I have really been slacking with my posts lately, and am hoping that I once this race is over I’ll be a little more consistent and get a few more up per week. I have lots to talk about, but all I want to do is lay on the couch at night!

Onto the week:

I spent my Monday rest day out at my mom’s taking care of the Wieners. Occasionally she has to work a longer 12 or 14 hour day and that’s too long for “the babies”, as she calls them, to be alone. So on those days I head out after work to feed them, let them out, etc.  

I got up bright and early on Tuesday for a treadmill run. After last Thursday’s “run” (If you can even call it that), I wasn’t really looking forward it but I decided that a shitty attitude before I even started running would do me no favors. I changed my thinking around, and instead of saying I need to run x number of miles I would run somewhere between 3-4.5. That mentality always seems to work well for me, whether or not I’m on a treadmill, so I went for it. I covered the display screen with a towel so I wouldn’t stare at the timer, turned on the TV and got to work.  To help things go by a little faster, every time a commercial came on I bumped up the speed by one or two clicks. That worked out really well, and the run just flew by! I felt really strong and controlled and…dare I say it – I actually enjoyed it! Except for one minor detail….I completely forgot to write down what my time was. And how far I went.  Yes, really.  I’m still not sure how I managed that one.  Regardless, it was a good one!  I then spent Tuesday evening running around buying last minute things for Thanksgiving dinner!  Luckily, the stores weren’t too crowded and it seemed like everyone was making an effort to be extra nice to each other.

Wednesday, I got a good early morning strength workout in. I had some Turkey Day prep to get started after work, so I knew better than to put it off. I made sure to get in plenty of hip strengthening exercises to make sure my knees stay strong.  Because they aren’t really strenuous, I now use those as sort of a warmup before I start my other exercises. I’m sure I should be doing these more often so after the race on Sunday (whaaaat? How is it already here?!) I’m going to make an effort to get them done 3-4 times a week. We’ll see how that goes.

Since we were hosting our first Thanksgiving Dinner this year, I had a lot of work to do Thursday morning but  still had a few minutes to get a run in so I went for a quick progression run. It looked like a perfect morning for a run, so I got started and soon discovered that it was a little more treacherous than I realized. There was black ice all over the place!  I tried to keep an eye out for patches of it, but even then I still slipped several times. Luckily, I never went down but I definitely hit a few slick spots. Despite the fact that I really needed to watch my footing, I still managed a pretty decent clip. Mile 3 was a little slower – this is when I really started to lose my footing and I had to try to find some dry spots.

Turkey Day Splits

The best part though, was how good I felt. Those splits felt easy and effortless and had my paths been clear I know I could have thrown down even better splits.

 I came home, and Tall One and I got to work cooking our first Thanksgiving Dinner. Everything came together really well, and I have to say that it was a success!!   

Friday was supposed to be strength day, but I was exhausted from cooking and hosting duties so I crashed on the couch. Hard. My brother and sister in law also came into town to stay for the weekend, so it was nice to hang out with them!

Saturday, I hit the hills.


5 Miles 11:02 Pace

5 Miles 11:02 Pace

I got a later start than I’m used to and right away it just felt tough, almost like I was running in slow motion or running through molasses. It occurred to me that I didn’t eat breakfast before I started, and probably should have since I didn’t start running for a good 4 hours after I woke up. Whoops.  At 3.5 miles I told myself to just get another half mile in and be done. I tried really hard to focus on my breathing and form and did such a good job, I missed my watch beep on the mile. When I finally looked down I was at 4.75! I finished out the last quarter mile with a decent kick – my last mile was 10:52! I am always amazed at what I can do when I stop staring at the watch and let go. When I uploaded the data, I was really surprised at the time – I definitely felt like I was going much slower! Overall, the pace is still just average, but I took away a lot more from this run than I expected.

Sunday I was planning on my last long run and I was hoping for 8-10 miles depending on how I was feeling. We were treated to some more spring-like temperatures and I was so excited to get out there! However, I wasn’t feeling so well. I’m not sure how to describe it, but it wasn’t good. I decided to at least get started and see how things went. About a mile in I started to feel really fuzzy and lightheaded, which is normally one of the first symptoms I experience when I get a migraine. I hightailed it home to get some water and food in me and to lie down for a little while. Migraines tend to put me down for an entire day or more, and I was meeting my mom later to volunteer for an activity that her workplace was putting on so I couldn’t afford for that to wipe me out. Luckily I managed to fight that off and meet up with my mom as planned. Whew. I am a little disappointed that I wasn’t able to do more but I’ve learned to not mess around when it comes to migraines. If I feel one coming on, I stop everything and do whatever I can to stop it. This is definitely a confidence crusher though, since it happened so close to race day. I have to forget about this one run and focus on how many good ones I’ve had. I started my taper a little earlier than planned, but at least I will be well rested for the NVHM 😉

This has been a pretty good training cycle overall – I stayed healthy, almost injury free, and I feel like I really made a lot of gains in the speed department!

Since I have some extra time on my hands this week, I’m going to try to get a few posts up that I’ve been meaning to write for a while now!

How was your Thanksgiving?

What’s your FAVORITE Thanksgiving side? Mine’s a toss up between good old fashioned green bean casserole and stuffing.