Pictures From the Week

I’m currently laying on the couch icing my calves, so I figured now is a good time to share some pictures.  I ran 3.5 miles yesterday and 4 this morning, and while that doesn’t seem like a lot, my legs are letting me know that tomorrow will be a rest day. Pecan pancakes are calling my name 😀 !

Some pictures from the week:

Apple Pie LaraBar….this may be my new favorite flavor! It really does taste like pie!

Apple Pie Lara Bar yuuum!


I can’t be bothered with matching socks at 5:45 on a Friday morning


All the cool kids are doing it

Shooter is really pissed about the Pens losing Game 7


Don’t mess with me


Had to stop and take a picture of  the full moon on Friday morning.

You can barely see it, but it’s there (that’s what she said)

This also explains why people have been so bat sh!t crazy this week.

Full Moon

Full Moon


My new favorite green tea – I was hesitant, but ended up loving it!

Tea Time!

I spy kitties!


Found these today at Target; my goodness are they comfortable!

Comfiest sweats ever

Comfiest sweats ever & gnarly runner’s toes


Tomorrow will be full of meal prep for the week, lots of laundry, and giving my car a much needed bath.



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